What's in My Closet?

Recently, I wrote a post about How to Dress Your Best Self, I said, you dilute your wardrobe with too much detritus--in other words too many clothes ruin everything! I'm in the middle of slowly adding cooler weather clothing to my closet without packing away everything warm weather. Because, living in a state where it's 57 one week and 80 all the next week can make the switch a bit tricky!

I was confronted with a crap ton of clothes, detritus up the wazoo. See, that's why you can look in a closet crammed with clothes and think you have nothing to wear--it's just too damned hard to see anything.
I knew I had to do something about it, because it was getting harder and harder to pick out something to wear.

Do you ever look a project in the eye and sigh, because of the enormity of it? Yeah, me too. But, I had heard of a good trick to help with the clearing: pretend you are in a store and with each article of clothing ask yourself, "Would I buy this today?" But there were too many ways for me to justify saying, yes, yes I would buy that. I might need it...someday.

I had to extremify the process. EXTREMIFY, look it up.

I looked in my closet and asked myself, self, what do you love, like, love-love to wear? I mean, it makes you feel glorious and you. Really you.

I started with jackets--I love me some jackets! They are the magic ingredient to any wardrobe, a jacket can turn a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt into a Ralph Lauren weekend in the country.

Four jackets were out of my closet and on the bed, the first happens to actually be a Ralph Lauren, it's my absolute favorite, and not because it's a RL, but because of the way I feel in a Ralph Lauren weekend! (Joan bought this for me for my birthday, maybe 8 years ago and still so fabulous.)

A long sleek black jacket was my second. I don't know how Bebe manages it, but this jacket is sexy and that's how I feel in it. (got this jacket at a thrift store.)

Then a pink jean jacket, of course. This turns any outfit into something funky and fun. Which is how I feel when I'm wearing it. Plus, pink makes me happy. (this was given to me, used.)

And my fitted denim jacket. Again love to pair this with something unexpected--that way I don't take myself so seriously, okay, even less seriously than I normally do. (another thrift store find.)

I added a few more jackets (yeah, I so do not agree with any fashion list that says you only need two jackets (pffft!), then moved on to my blouses...

Honestly, it starts easier than it ends, and there were some in the give away pile-out of the give away pile goings-on. But my clothes can breathe now and I can see what I've got. I think it will be easier to do again.

Now, it's your turn--you can do this. And be gentle with yourself--you still have to do it--don't beat yourself up if you end up with a measly donation pile. It's a first step.

What's the thing you love the most in your closet?