Color Changes Everything, well okay, Almost Everything

by: Patty Kennedy

What are you painting in 2012...A kitchen, a bath, a family room?

Now that the frightful weather has arrived, we need something to keep us occupied and to cheer up our space, even if it's just pouring over color chips.

Greens, oranges, blues and pinks are the colors for 2012. The more vibrant the color, the better. If you’re afraid of color try using it in a small area like a bath room. I think once you try it you’ll be hooked. If you're still not convinced, there are a number of inspiring neutrals out there to choose from as well. And even if you are stuck inside for a few days, there are several paint companies who offer, low and no, VOC products. They cost a little more, but worth the price if the windows need to stay closed or you have small children.

Paint chips vs Samples
Small paint chips work well when you're trying to decide what colors to pick, but once you've narrowed it down, don't use the small chips to decide if the color is right for your room. If the paint manufaturer does not offer the large sheets of color samples, buy the small sample containers; especially if you will be covering a dark color. This gives a truer picture of what the color will look like.

1. Brushes and roller
2. paint pan
3. Spackle
5. Drop cloths. Old sheets work well. Don't use plastic on floors, you'll slip.
6. Sturdy step stool or ladder.
7. Paint - screw driver to open

Prepare, Protect and Putty
No shorcuts here. You spend too much money and too much time to miss important steps while preparing your room to paint.
1. Remove electrical plates and wall switches.
2. Cover any furniture that can't be moved out of the area.
3. Wipe all surfaces, that you'll be taping, with a damp cloth.
4. Tape trim and around windows and doors. No matter how steady you think you will be, you won't.
5. Lightly sand if your existing paint has a sheen or if painting a kitchen.
6. Use a primer to cover marks that can bleed through the paint. Example: Anything a 3 year old would use on the wall.
7. Spackle nail holes and dings. Sand the spackle flat after it dries.
illustration of how to paint a room
Now We Paint
Use a brush to paint (cut in) the trim, ceiling and corners. As you finish brushing trim on each wall, roll immediately. Then move to the next wall surface.

Admire your work =)

Tips and Tricks
If you absolutely have to use masking tape, take the stick off by rubbing it on upholstered furniture first.
If you need to stop for a short time, instead of washing the paint brush, or roller wrap in a ziplock bag. This will prevent it from drying out or having to wait for the washed brush to dry.
To remove dried paint (latex) from brushes, soak in Lestoil.
Store leftover paint in an empty (washed) peanut butter jar. Saves space and gives you a snapshot of each color.

Watch out, I'm looking at wallpaper books.



by: Amy Kennedy

Yeah, I said yeah, not year.
I know -- a little corny, right? I got your attention, though, at least to tell me I spelled year wrong. Which I didn't...

Don't you love it when something gets you excited? Gets you revved? Gets you motivated to do something, change something, start something?

Oh yeah.

Of course you do, you're no dummy. You know that a motivated woman is a sexy woman.
The New Yeah! is all about figuring out what gets you to that magical point;
a new job,
going back to school,
a new baby,
Phew, you get the point. 

So, do you know your Yeah!? 

It could be a combo platter of exciting things, or one thing you've always wanted to do. The cool thing is, figuring it out becomes a kind of yeah! moment as well. It makes you step out of what you know and into what you don't. And nothing invigorates, or as I like to say, scares the crap out of us, as the unknown.

Now, maybe figuring out your life's passion of crocheting baby booties doesn't induce mind numbing fear. Yet, if thinking of a way to market and sell said booties makes your eyeballs clack, then that's the place to start.

Challenge yourself to find your passion, then take it a step further -- make your heart beat a little faster -- what if you made gifts, gave your time, or (yikes) made money with what you love. What ever it is, do it.

What's your dream? What have people (our your inner critic) told you, you can't do? Tell us.
New Yeah! New Yay! New Yah-oo!


Is Your Closet Filled with Nothing to Wear?

by: Joan Kennedy

According to the experts, 55% of the impact you make depends on how you look and behave, 38% on how you speak and only 7% on what you say, If you look well put together, you start with an advantage. 

Unfortunately we’ve all experienced times when we didn’t feel good about our appearance, and consequently, our thoughts focused on how we looked, and it made us uncomfortable in the presence of others. 

When you are satisfied with the way you look, you have an inner security which allows you to concentrate on things other than yourself.

To be well dressed doesn’t take a closet bursting with clothes, but rather having a few well chosen pieces in which you always feel at ease in. 

To begin with, never compare fashion to style.  Fashion is what’s happening in designers' show rooms, runways and in fashion magazines. To figure out your personal style, you have to come to terms with your body. Really look at yourself, then decide what you’d like to emphasize, and what you need to balance.  

Style comes through self-acceptance and dressing for yourself. Style is about utilizing the best aspects of you.

Through wise planning you can choose a few things that go together and look like many. That’s why it’s smart to select a basic color, such as black, navy blue, grey, brown or beige and build around it.  Neutral colors are also easier to accessorize.

Everyone needs to have one basic suit, so you won’t ever have to say, “I don’t have a thing to wear.” A suit with matching pants or skirt can be accessorized to create a variety of looks. The suit is a garment you will wear more often if you accessorize it with scarves, blouses, sweaters, belts, and jewelry, and will give your wardrobe versatility.

Once your closet is stocked with great basics, accessories are the easiest and most cost efficient way to update your wardrobe from season to season. Paying attention to fashion magazines, store windows and in-store displays will give you new ideas in accessorizing.

In the final analysis, a good basic wardrobe should consist of clothing with the look of simplicity, clean lines, good tailoring and good fabric. You want your wardrobe to reflect your inner strength and confidence.

As the old axiom goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

What would you like your first impression to be?



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