1. Thou shalt not wear Theme Clothing, even if thou loveth the sweatshirt with the dancing kittens...
 2. Thou shalt not wear High water pants, for they cause drafts and shorten thy legs.
 3. Thou shalt refrain from Matchy matchy.
 4. Honor thyself by Looking Good.
 5. And your Mother, for she was right: clean, well made undergarments do so matter.
 6. Do not forget The Bling, yet consider the Celebrities of the world and do not over-do.
 7. Thou shalt not expose the masses to thy Love Handles, unless thou art 7 years of age or younger, or it is summer and thou art by a body of water, but knoweth that it is still iffy.
 8. Thou shalt not assume to purchase a garment even if garment is in thy Size. Behold a mirror, and a reliable sales clerk to tell thou the truth.
 9. Honor thy age, by finding thy perfect cut and color, also do not forget foundation.
10. Love thyself and thy girlfriends by never lying unless the truth would crush the heart of the one thou loveth.

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