Joan is a professional speaker and an author who writes about the positive aspects of aging.  But her first love has always been fashion.  When she was nine years old, she painted her brown laced-up shoes …pink.  Her reasoning was that she wanted pretty shoes.  Joan was grounded for a week and received another pair of laced-up brown shoes. In a perfect world, Joan would have been wearing pretty black patent leather Mary Janes.
Patty Kennedy has a lot to say about everything. Which is why she is always, "under construction." What better way to express how you feel than changing your environment. There is always a room that has just been painted or one that is about to be painted. (How many partial cans of paint can be stored safely in a basement?) Oh look, a new shade of Sand. Luckily she just bought a new home. The possibilities are endless!

Amy Kennedy's first love was not fashion, nor was it Patrick Elwell, no matter what Sister Mary Theresa says, it was France. Alas it's been a long distance relationship as she has yet to step foot on French soil. No matter, Amy loves to dress and decorate as if she did. She also enjoys saying, "Ooooh la-lalalala," and shouting, "La plume de ma Tante!"   *In real life she juggles a wide busy family, a full time job at the library, and an ongoing WIP (work-in-progress, not a whip, which, if she had one, would use on herself to finish the darn WIP)

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