It’s the STUFF that Dreams are made of…

Stuff is probably the one thing we all have in common.

 The Stuff starts to accumulate when you decide to move out of your
 parent’s home, and into your own apartment. Now that you have your own space,
 the first thing you need to do is to fill it with your own stuff.
You decide what kind of stuff you want.
  Remember your stuff is an expression of your style. You also have to
 decide, right up front, what stuff will be displayed and what stuff will be put in
 kitchen cupboards or in drawers. Usually, anything that is functional is put behind
 doors or in drawers. 
When you start out to collect stuff, you have many styles to choose from.
 You can decorate with Victorian, French Country, Contemporary, Primitive, or
 Colonial, stuff.   
Keep in mind, your stuff reflects who you are.
There may come a time when you get bored with your stuff, and want new stuff.
 You can give your old stuff to family or friends, who like your stuff, or
donate to the Goodwill, or the Salvation Army – they like stuff too.  And while
you’re there, you might as well browse on the off chance you’ll find some stuff
you don’t have.
Finally, the day comes when you start thinking about downsizing your
space, and moving into something smaller.  You now (again) have to decide what
stuff you’ll sell, give away to family, friends or donate.  
The there will always be stuff you just can’t part with. So you put the
 sentimental stuff in boxes and take it with you.
You finally arrive at your new space, and unpack your stuff.  You arrange
It in the space you now have. The stuff you don’t have room for can always be
 Boxed-up and stored in closets or under your bed. That my friends, is just the
 nature of stuff.

Question:  Is there more stuff in your future?

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