Successful Women

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One day, out of the blue, my grandson Andy asked me, “You’re smart, you wrote a book, you've been speaking a long time. How come you’re not rich and successful?”
didn't have an answer for him.
But I kept thinking about it. 
Later, I thought, why would he ask me that question?  And
 then I thought, why not?
 It was a good question.
And after much soul searching, I finally came up with the reasons why:
·        I never asked anyone in my profession for help.
·        I was too embarrassed to ask anyone for advice.
·        I never made a habit of sending “thank you notes” to clients.
·        I never made a habit of networking.
·        I never asked for referrals.
·        I never turned my old business into new business.
·        I never thought of my speaking career as a business.
·        I didn’t like to make cold calls.

I realized that when I thought I was working, I was just being busy.  I wrote and rewrote my talks, and I spent a great deal of time writing books and booklets.

I determined that writing books and booklets was a good strategy for my speaking career.  But I was not getting in touch with clients to get the bookings I needed in order to sell my books and booklets.

I don’t want anyone else to feel they have to go it alone. Which is why I wanted to gather the women’s stories in my new book to help other women - it's much easier to envision your own success if you can see the path to someone else's.

                                                              Joan Kennedy