I was crabby.Crabby, crabby, crabby. Like not talking crabby and snapping at people (family people) when I did talk. And totally in my head. Yuck.

Why was I crabby? Work. 'Nuff said. Luckily, my husband called me on it. He said, "This isn't work, this is our home and it's supposed to be a sanctuary. This is where we go to leave all the crap behind. This is where people love you." Okay, first he said, "What the hell?" Then he said the cool stuff.

Aaaah, I brought all the crap from work and pretty much placed it on the kitchen table and said, "Here, eat this." Not good.

Now, I'm a pretty happy gal, but when things bother me, they REALLY bother me, yet it so wasn't fair to my family to be bitchy with them when they weren't the fracking problem, plus being crabby and bitchy and unhappy SUCKS. The question was though, how was I going to leave my work drama at work?

So, I've been experimenting with some decompression stuff. Such as:

  • Listening to a book on CD during my commute home
  • Essential oils*
  • Be intentional--before walking through front door: this is my sanctuary, and I will not shit where I eat.
  • Think about the day and then set it aside.
  • Florence and the Machine, because, Shake It Out.
When I leave work at work and give myself over to being my best me for my family and friends, it's not just better for them it's better for me too. It feels good to not be mired in my head with crap. It feels good to smile and listen and laugh.

*Essential oils are my first choice for most things: colds, bug bites, can't fall asleep, need to wake up, have to speak in front of 50 people...anything. So, it's funny that I didn't think of using them in my car a long time ago. I'm making caromas (did you see what I did there?) hangy doo-dad thingies (I'm working on a name) Here are some pictures:

It's definitely a prototype! but I like that I can pull the corks off the magnates to add more essential oils. Right now we are enjoying the scents of Peppermint and Lemon Young Living Essential Oils. Plus, just looking at it reminds me to leave the crap behind.
How about you, what's you're decompression trick(s)?


  1. Oh, I love that idea for hangie do-dad thingies in the car!

    When I was a therapist, I had to leave it behind in both directions. If something was bothering me in my personal life, I had to put it aside to focus on my clients' issues. I had an imaginary shelf above my head where I stashed personal issues during the work day. It was above my head so that if I tried to deny those personal problems at the end of the day, they would roll off the shelf and bop me on the head.

    At the end of the day, I had a ritual. I would very intentionally think about all those client issues that were IN my office. Then I would firmly and literally close the office door on them.

    So glad to see you are being mindful about taking care of yourself, as well as your family and friends.

    1. Thanks Kassandra! Love how you seperated your home life from your professional and your professional from your personal. I am dusting off a brain shelf as we speak. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow, it is so hard to separate our lives. It takes a conscience effort to shut off work and personal issues and not let them take over or effect you and your loved ones. It's wonderful that you were able to recognize the problem and make the switch. Our mates can really help when we take the time and really listen to them. Especially if we've been together for some time. They know us very well and are able to pinpoint exactly what's going on. Yeah, they've got our number. lol. And I like you Amy love to use Peppermint. It is so soothing for me at least. I am one of the rare people that are allergic to Lavender. So Peppermint is my go to essential oil. So glad you have the tools to decompress. Peace be with you my friend. :)

    1. Exactly Karen! And sometimes it's hard to listen to the ones who know us best!