By: Joan Kennedy
Champagne, Oyster Stew and Resolutions are all synonymous with New Year’s Eve, especially resolutions.  We’ve all made them, and also forgotten them in a matter of days.  Typically it goes something like this:  I want to lose weight, get a better job, make more money, find a great guy!
But have you ever heard of anyone saying, “I just achieved my New Year’s Eve Resolution!"?  I think not. Resolutions fizzle faster than bubbles in an open bottle of champagne.
You need to change resolutions to GOALS.  This part may get a bit dreary for you, but it does change the dynamics.
Once you’ve decided on what you want, there are definite steps to follow.
*The first step is -- right out of the gate -- you need to have a strong desire.  It’s the motivating force within all of us.  Without desire, nothing happens.
*The second step is to put your goal in writing.  The most important part of this step is to be SPECIFIC.  Avoid general statements, such as, “More money.”  More money can be finding $20.00 in the pocket of a pair of old jeans hanging in your closet, or a $10.00 bill in a purse you haven’t used since last summer.
After one of my talks, several years ago, a woman approached me, and told me about a goal she had wanted to achieve.  The goal was to find a man.  Not an ordinary man.  She wanted a man who was handsome, intelligent, humorous, and one who had money.  She found him!  He had all the right attributes. "But," she said, "I forgot one thing, he shouldn’t be married.”  Damn, damn, damn.
*The third step is to refrain from talking about your goals with others.  It’s great when someone says, “You can do it!” It gives you a feeling of confidence.  Yet many people, including your friends, don’t always give you the approval you had hoped for, and that can keep you from moving forward.
*The fourth step is to have a time frame.  A target date will give you a sense of urgency.  Write your goal on a 3x5 card, and keep it by your bed.  Read it first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Create a definite plan for achieving your goal. Make a commitment to do one thing every day toward achieving your goal.   
*The fifth step is to visualize yourself in the possession of your goal. Your Imagination is that part of the mind that plays a great role in achieving your goal.  First the vision and then the accomplishment
Now, back to New Year’s Eve, and my wishes for you… Good Health, Wealth, Love, and Lots of Fun.  And, If you’d like, you could change my wishes into your goals for the coming year, or not.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Let's hear about your goals, and if you'd like, we'll help you tweak them.  

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