We would love to extend a formal welcome to the blog. Welcome!

Make yourself comfy, grab a cup of coffee or tea, or whatever; look around, we've got some cool pages at the top:

10 MOST WANTED is our take on style d'ohs!
WHAT YOU SHOULD just that -- click on the tab and the page will be below our gigantic picture.

Our blogging schedule looks like this:
Mondays: recharging your attitude and outlook.
Wednesdays: refreshing your home.
Fridays: reviving your closet (clothes closet, that is).

We'll throw some other things into the pot now and then -- and of course, we'll listen to you, and figure out what you'd like on here too.

There are other Kennedy women (I mean the ones related to us) and some Kennedy men too -- just to keep it fresh. So have fun and we'll see you back here soon!

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