by: Amy Kennedy

Yeah, I said yeah, not year.
I know -- a little corny, right? I got your attention, though, at least to tell me I spelled year wrong. Which I didn't...

Don't you love it when something gets you excited? Gets you revved? Gets you motivated to do something, change something, start something?

Oh yeah.

Of course you do, you're no dummy. You know that a motivated woman is a sexy woman.
The New Yeah! is all about figuring out what gets you to that magical point;
a new job,
going back to school,
a new baby,
Phew, you get the point. 

So, do you know your Yeah!? 

It could be a combo platter of exciting things, or one thing you've always wanted to do. The cool thing is, figuring it out becomes a kind of yeah! moment as well. It makes you step out of what you know and into what you don't. And nothing invigorates, or as I like to say, scares the crap out of us, as the unknown.

Now, maybe figuring out your life's passion of crocheting baby booties doesn't induce mind numbing fear. Yet, if thinking of a way to market and sell said booties makes your eyeballs clack, then that's the place to start.

Challenge yourself to find your passion, then take it a step further -- make your heart beat a little faster -- what if you made gifts, gave your time, or (yikes) made money with what you love. What ever it is, do it.

What's your dream? What have people (our your inner critic) told you, you can't do? Tell us.
New Yeah! New Yay! New Yah-oo!

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