My Girlfriend's Closet

I thought this would be a cool post to do every once in awhile -- My Girlfriend's Closet. Because, well, other people's closets (and clothes) seem to be more interesting than our own.

Why is that?

Does familiarity with our wardrobe breed contempt?

I think yes, yes it does. So now the question is: What the hell do we do with this information?
Throw out all our clothes? Buy new ones? Yikes! Clearly not -- because, unless you're Katie Holmes and ready to spread your wings and about to come into a bajillion dollars, then, well, you've got to work with what you've got.

First step: What have you got?
If you're anything like me, I think I'm all organized until life gets a little harried and then bam!

Closet Explosion! Not pretty. Especially when I looked at my husband's closet...

Show-off. And this is actually a little messy for him. Anyway, the fact that it was getting harder to pick out an outfit for work and the sight of my husband's closet got me motivated to clean up my act and see what I had.

Here's where it got worse before it got better:
Hats and Belts -- who knew I owned so many? And scarves, you can't believe the amount of scarves. It's all good though. I finally got the rest of the winter things put away, good thing since we're hitting high 90s every day. I bagged items for donation, set items aside for mending -- I'm sure I'll do that soon cough, cough.

And Voila!

Okay, so I know what I've got, how about you?
Next time I'll show you some magical non-matchy-matchy match-ups.

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