20,000 Days +

by: Amy Kennedy

I dabble a bit online. This post leads me to this person, that tweet leads me to that content and before you know it, I'm calculating when I will have lived my 20,000th day.

I know!

How the heck did I get there? But more importantly, what am I going to do with this information?

So, first of all, I know you all want to figure out how many days you've been alive, right? So here's the link to The Robert D for calculation, come right back after you figure out how many days you've been alive!

He wrote a pretty cool book on the subject too:

Basically, he realized his life was not where he wanted it to be-- and on his 20,000th day he packed a bag, drove to a hotel, and figured out the rest of his life.

I'd like to do that--basically, I'd just like to go to a hotel (and swim and sauna--that last one's not a verb, I know, but I'd still like to do it). But if I can't go to a hotel to spend a couple days figuring out the map of the rest of my life, nothing is stopping me from doing it in 20 minute snapshots here and there. Right?

Remember Joan's post Don't Settle For What Might Have Been, and use a few of those 20 minutes for life planning.

Well, it just so happens my 20,000th day! (I'm writing this Wednesday, August 28th) Yes! I know. And where was I? Not at a hotel. Nope, at work, and not even my work, work, at the administrative building interviewing job applicants.

It's not how I thought I'd be spending an auspicious day. But we don't always have a we (?).

I'm going to take 20 minutes, right now at 8:08 and think about this and come back and tell you what I've come up with,!

I'm back at 8:28. here's what I've got:

(I adore my "Notes" app on my iPad)

I think I made some good progress on what I want to do--with some measurable things thrown in too! I'll continue to work on it, still need to add some days for the second book and add more detail to my other changes and goals. But, all in all, I'm happy with what happened in those 20 minutes.

I liked adding the days onto my 20,000. Don't know why, I just did.
Joan Kennedy is 33,267 days today!
Patty Kennedy Bronstien is 22,078 days today!

We'd love you all to find out your number and then challenge yourself to decide what the next 1,000 days will be like for you.


  1. Wow. I'm glad we don't generally count our days. I've had 21,532 of them! Keeping track would drive me crazy, but it's nice to take stock every 20,000 or so. :)

    1. Hi Laramie, I know, I!ll probably figure out my 21,000 day and have a series of milestones I'll want to have accomplished by then--it's fun! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. 11708, I'll try and work out where I want to be on day 20000. Maybe day 15000 too. :)

    1. Heather that is so exciting, and, yeah, do it for 15,000. Heck, you can do whatever you want!

  3. OK. I need help. Or the easy answer. How do I figure my 20,000th day?

  4. Never mind. I found Bonkworld. My 20,000th day will be 15 October 2015.

    I have two years to plan the best party ever.

    1. I was just going to show you! Glad you figured it out. And can I say, what an auspicious date: October 15, 2015. Party on!