U of Spark

I started a "new" blog, I re-designed it (from my personal blog Cupcake) and added wallpaper and painted it all pretty, I re-named it U of Spark--as in University of (all things) Sparking (and creative)...

And I said to myself, "This will be about creativity and authenticity and, and stuff. Lots and lots of cool stuff."

Aaaand then I remembered that's pretty much what this blog Those Kennedy Women was/is supposed to be: 

Doing things better, funner, brighter. More creatively.

And then I said to myself, "Hey, do I reallyreallyReally want to manage two blogs?"

I was a sometime blogger (at best) for quite some time with both blogs. Now, I'm kinda proud of some content over at my old blog Cupcake, re-named U of Spark, so, I'll probably re-post some of things here...but I won't be adding new content over there.

Of course, I've met me and know how I roll--so "never" is a word I try not to use. But, in the foreseeable future I won't post anything new at my old blog--except to say, I'll be posting here! Got that?

So, shine-up your awesome selves and join us as we aim to live:

 a creative life

a positive life

an exuberant life

a laughier life

a stylish life

a full life

a diy-er life

a doing life

Here's the link at  U of Spark  to what I wished I blogged about more! Which got me all excited about this blog, it's all good! Because, we'll be posting that stuff and this stuff and basically all the good stuff!

Do you ever re-do stuff--or do twice what you need to?

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